Fairs with a huge potential!

Four very intense exhibition days are behind us.

With the trust that you placed in us as the organisers of the fair, we managed to jointly create the largest event dedicated to the food, catering, hospitality, packaging and logistics industries.

This year's block including the Polagra Food, Polagra Gastro, Polagra Tech, Invest Hotel, Taropak, Logipak and Epla fairs covered 17 exhibition halls visited by 63 thousand professionals from around the world. The fairs were broadly covered both by the industry and nationwide media.

Full of positive impressions, we would like to thank our exhibitors, patrons of honour, industry patrons and partners for their participation in the fairs, their commitment to the promotion of the fairs and preparation of training courses, exhibitions, panel discussions and other events, which undoubtedly raised the attractiveness of the entire block of trade fairs and have brought a lot of inspiration to their participants.

Please feel invited to co-creation of the next edition of the fairs, which will be held in the autumn of 2018.


TAROPAK 2016 - summary:

30th edition of TAROPAK finished!

Nearly 500 exhibitors from 24 countries, 13,000 square meters of exhibition space and 63,000* trade fair visitors is a balance of the 30th jubilee edition of TAROPAK International Trade Fair of Packaging and Labelling Technology, which took place on 26-29 September 2016 in Poznan. The fair was for the first time accompanied by LOGIPAK International Fair of Logistics, Warehousing and Transport.

The strategic partners of this year's edition of TAROPAK were COBRO and the Polish Chamber of Packaging, while the industry partners were the Polish Chamber of Printing and the Polish Chamber of Flexography.

Visitors came to Poznan from around the world. In the exhibition halls one could meet not only representatives of Europe, but also more distant countries, such as Albania, Brazil, Canada, South Korea, Thailand, South Africa, USA, and the United Arab Emirates. The presented offer interested representatives of companies such as Delia, Rossmann, Schenker, Kreisel, Kaufland, Maraton Internmational, Kuehne+Nagel, Panasonic, Floslek, Arvato Services Polska, Grupa Azoty, Ikea, DHL Express, Orlen Oil, Dell, Thule, Wavin Polska, Nutropharma, Ciech. At TAROPAK they sought primarily business contacts and innovations.


This year, the exhibitors presented a total of over 120 new products dedicated to various areas of the economy which make use of packaging as well as labelling solutions for transport and logistics. Visitors wanting to be one step ahead of the competition and thereby uncover new opportunities could to see, among other things, innovative packing machines and palletising robots, a new generation of packing tapes, conveyors, label printers as well as glass, paper, metal and plastic packaging.

The form of presentation of products also mattered. The prettiest stands were prepared by: Silny&Salamon, SÜDPACK POLSKA, MULTI, RADPAK and MECALUX. All of them received Acanthus Aureus awards.

They won gold

MTP Gold Medals at TAROPAK went to: Sartorius Intec Poland, Blulog, Südpack Polska, Cassioli Polska, Suwary, PROTiM, Izipak, Radpak Fabryka Maszyn Pakujących, Arkoch, Winterwarm Polska, Supertape Polska, Coffee Service, Teccon and Georg Utz Klar Glass.

30th anniversary edition

This year's edition of TAROPAK was unique also because of its 30th anniversary. On this occasion, visitors could see an extraordinary exhibition. Historical photographs showing several dozen editions of TAROPAK corresponded to the artistic project "Dekonstruktura" (Deconstructure) by Elżbieta Cios, PhD, which was the theme of this year's jubilee edition. It showed that even a processed sheet of paper can be used to create a product – a costume beautifully wrapping the female body. The unique fabric used to create the costume collection was made of thousands of pages of fashion journals which had been subject to deconstruction of print and then appropriately fixed. This process referred to the 30th edition of the fair which also deconstructed trends in the production of packaging.

During the opening of the exhibition, companies for many years involved in the organisation of TAROPAK received special thanks. Their representatives were unanimous about the benefits of participation in the fair.

Waldemar Salamon, Vice President of Silny&Salamon, said that his 20 years of experience with the TAROPAK fair are the best proof, the fair was just worth it. Ryszard Racki, Director of Sales and Marketing at POLPACK, which for 25 years has presented its offer at TAROPAK, concluded that the benefits of participation in the fair could not be overestimated both in terms of promotion and marketing as well as increased commercial efficiency. While Pawel Wygnanczuk, CEO of Izipak, stressed that participation in the fair was a considerable prestige and increased awareness of the company, not only in Poland but also in foreign markets.

3rd Packaging Industry Congress

The Poznan fair is traditionally accompanied by special conferences and seminars, inspiring demonstration zones as well as events which are the source of energy for visitors to develop their business. Discussions on the topics and issues most interesting to the industry are also of great significance. For this and some other reasons, the fair program includes the 3rd Packaging Industry Congress co-organised with the Polish Chamber of Packaging. The main theme of the event was "Packaging in the supply chain". The congress was attended by packaging designers and producers, managers of logistics centres and warehouses, representatives of retail chains, and all those who deal with packaged products in their work. During the congress, they discussed various aspects of the functioning of the supply chain, new technologies, and security of packages and products. Opening the Congress, Waclaw Wasiak, Director of the Polish Chamber of Packaging, thanked MTP for commitment to the industry. He also said that "it is difficult to overestimate the role and importance of TAROPAK in the area of promotion of Polish packaging industry and the whole packaging market in Poland."

Live Packaging Factory

An interesting point of the exhibition program was also the Live Packing Factory presenting automatic foil packaging lines for fresh food, bakery and confectionery products. The uniqueness of the project consisted in the presentation of the effects of packaging offered by the use of multilayer thermo-retractable films on automatic packaging lines with the capacity of several thousand packages per hour. The application of continuous welding in packaging machines and foils preventing the misting effect of fresh products was a novelty. The event was organised by Polpack and Poznan International Fair.

Innovative packaging

Packaging as a kind of marketing tool that builds brand loyalty significantly affects the image and sales of products. The workshop and exhibition entitled "Innovative Packaging" organised by the "Świat Druku" magazine was an opportunity to expand knowledge in this area. Experts from different companies, with many years of experience in the industry, made the participants acquainted in a practical way with the aspects of packaging production. During the workshop, trade fair guests discussed, among other things, the business potential of labels and the latest methods of their production as a tool used for consumer promotion as well as innovations to improve work in packaging and label print shops. The event was addressed primarily to companies designing packaging, advertising agencies, prepress facilities, printing houses as well as brand managers. The workshop was complemented by an exhibition presenting packaging creations, impressive refinement and innovative labels.

Those who wanted to know the mechanisms that affect the customer's decision and their perception of the commercial offer attended the "Packaging That Sells" conference held by Marek Borowiński, PhD.

Art of Packaging and PAKSTAR

TAROPAK was also an opportunity to see the works of the winners of the Art of Packaging and PAKSTAR competitions. The Art of Packaging is an ideal opportunity for young, still studying packaging designers and developers to present their ideas to a wider audience. Every year, a jury of experts in the packaging industry selects the best designs in the Débuts and Professional categories. The competition has been accredited by the World Packaging Organisation in the USA, which means that the winners are automatically nominated for the main award in the international WorldStar contest organised by the World Packaging Organization (WPO).

The works awarded in the eighth edition of the National Packaging Competition PakStar and the fifth edition of the National Packaging Design Competition Student PakStar open the winners the way to participate in the World Packaging Competition WorldStar, and in the World Packaging Design Competition WorldStar Student Award, respectively. These competitions are organised by the WPO. The purpose of the PAKSTAR competition is to stimulate and promote innovative activities in the field of packaging in order to improve packaging and ensure better protection of packaged products as well as increase their competitiveness in domestic and foreign markets.


The first edition of LOGIPAK International Fair of Logistics, Warehousing and Transport was held simultaneously with the TAROPAK fair. It was the first such event for the logistics industry in Poland dedicated to representatives of: shipping, transportation, handling and wholesale companies as well as warehouses and logistics parks. – We have separated logistics from TAROPAK following the example of the biggest logistics events, that is, the LOGIMAT and CEMAT fairs. We wanted to put more emphasis and develop the area of transport, forwarding, storage and warehouse equipment at the fair – says Konrad Fleśman, Director TAROPAK and LOGIPAK Fairs. The industry partners of LOGIPAK were: the Polish Association of Logistics Managers, the Polish National EPAL Committee and the Polish Association of Storage Technology. LOGIPAK featured two events: the 3rd Warehouse Safety Forum and Innovations for Logistics (In4Log 2016).

3rd Warehouse Safety Forum

During the fair, experts and practitioners representing the Polish Association of Warehouse Technology, National Labour Inspectorate, Central Institute for Labour Protection, National Research Institute, Office of Technical Inspection and Forum technical partners presented the achievements of science and technology in the field of safety, health and life protection in warehouses, distribution centres, wholesale companies and other places where transshipment of goods is carried out. The interactive part entitled "Digital Safety" virtually presented places where digital tools affecting safety are used in the warehouse. Using touch screens, one could "go to" sites used to supervise the work of forklifts in the warehouse, track the flow of goods, or learn about technologies that affect safety.


During Innovations for Logistics (In4Log 2016), the organisers revealed the "lean recipe for logistics" and sought the answer to the question: what changes internal logistics needs to become "lean" in terms of cost. The fifth edition of the event, jointly organised by the Medialog publishing company and Poznan International Fair, focused, as usual, on innovation in logistics. As part of the shows, the flow of goods through the warehouse was presented, including all areas - from the receipt of goods, through their storage and order completion, to the preparation for dispatch. The fair visitors for the first time also observed the work of automated robots in the picking area.

EPLA fair for the first time with TAROPAK

EPLA International Trade Fair of Plastics and Rubber Processing dedicated to the plastics and rubber industry and focused mainly on raw materials was held simultaneously.This event was jointly organised by Poznan International Fair and Business Image publishing house. This year's fair featured primarily thematic exhibitions focused on: Injection, Thermoforming, Rubber, Equipment and Polymer Polish Science Exhibition.  The trade fair visitors were closely profiled and included people dealing with the processing of plastics and rubber.


*Data for the block of trade fairs: Taropak, Logipak, Polagra Food, Polagra Tech, Polagra Gastro, Invest Hotel, Epla


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